Albert Frost is a respected feature of the South African blues-rock music scene.

For the past two decades the energetic performances of SAMA award winning blues/rock guitarist/singer Albert Frost has captured audiences worldwide. Dubbed the “South African Hendrix”, Frost deftly alternates between rhythm and lead, showcasing his extraordinary skills on the acoustic and electric guitars.

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Albert Frost SAMA Award 2017 - Best Rock Album 2016 - The Wake Up

"Naturally, the album features excellent guitar work by Albert Frost – solos that are intricate and involved without being overlong, bragging, or self-indulgent. And the other instruments on the album complementing the guitars excellently – a crisp sonic foundation for the guitars and vocals to lie on top of."

Floris Groenewald, SA Music Scene



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16 Jun
African Frost Tour - Mayoka Village Beach Lodge, Malawi
15 Jun
African Frost Tour - Gritthas Camp, Malawi
10 Jun
African Frost Tour - The Tin Roof, Harare, Zimbabwe
08 Jun African Frost Tour - WinterFest, Afriski, Lesotho
07 Jun
African Frost Tour - WinterFest, Afriski, Lesotho
03 Jun
African Frost Tour - Bohemian Groove Cafe, Kaapsehoop
01 Jun
African Frost Tour - Gil Vicente Cafe Bar, Maputo
26 May
African Frost Tour - Bushfire, Swaziland
24 May
African Frost Tour - Caversham, Midlands
20 May
African Frost Tour - Marriot Ballito Beats, Ballito, KZN
19 May
African Frost Tour - The Winston Pub, Durban
18 May
African Frost Tour - Rocky Ridge, Ramsgate
17 May
African Frost Tour - Legends Showcase,  East London
12 May
Albert Frost Duo - BMW Corporate, Montague (Private)



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